EP 5- Discussing the role of fathers with Dawood Vaid

In this episode, I am joined by the visionary educationist, inspiring public speaker, loving father to three daughters and the celebrated founder of “Burooj Realization”, brother Dawood Vaid.

We addressed a social issue, an aspect of the family structure that is seldom talked about- the role of father’s in their child’s life. The youth is confronted by a wide range of problems in our contemporary times, one of which is the relationship with one’s father. The sense of estrangement, disconnection and distance some daughters’ and sons’ feel is an area of concern and so today we explored this topic and discussed:

  • The role of the father in their child’s life
  • Waves of miscommunication and how they can be rectified
  • Why problems emerge
  • How to make amends
  • The importance of choosing a suitable spouse
  • Practical, pragmatic tips for children and fathers
  • The significance of fostering a healthy relationship from the early years

Beneficial books on this topic suggested in the episode,

The Hurried Child by David Elkins –


A Whole New Mind, Daniel H. Pink –


Outliers, Malcolm Gladwell –



EP 2- Halal Makeup line? (Claudia Nour)

In this episode, I am joined by Claudia Nour, the founder and creator of the halal makeup line “Claudia Nour” (founded in 2014) as she gives me an elaborate walk through into,

•Her motivation behind starting her own makeup line
•What it means for makeup to be ‘pure’ and ‘natural’
•What constitutes ‘wudoo friendly makeup’
•The wide range of products she offers
•Her transition from being a beauty pageant participant who binged on conventional high-end makeup brands to someone who now exclusively only wears natural makeup products!

Tune into this episode to gain insight into the phenomena of Halal makeup and how a Muslim woman can merge spirituality with makeup and reap rewards whilst doing so!

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